Sunday, 26 October 2014

Review: Guerlain Teracotta 4 Seasons Bronzer in Brunette

guerlain-bronzer-brunette-4 Ask anyone in the beauty world who does the best bronzers and they'll always tell you: Guerlain. Their bronzer selection has it all - pretty-patterned pans, extravagant packaging and finely milled, luminous formulas.

The Teracotta 4 Seasons Bronzer in Brunette £47.00 is my pick of the bunch. It imitates the colour of a natural tan so well and really does add a sunkissed glow to the face. It's more "I've just come back from an exotic holiday" as opposed to "I'm wearing a crap load of bronzer." Amaze.

As well as its uses as a straight up bronzer, the four shades in the palette can be used individually to sculpt and contour the face or even as transition shades on a smokey eye. The colours are super matte, there's not even a speckle of glitter in the pan, but once on there's not chalkiness that you'd expect from such a matte formula. Skin just looks like it has a healthy, natural veil of colour.

 At nearly fifty pounds you'd expect this to be one hell of a bronzer. And ladies, it is. Have you ever tried any Guerlain bronzers? What's your favourite for a natural bronze look?

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Getting into autumnal makeup

berry-lip-gold-eyes Autumnal makeup. It's not something I've ever been too keen on (give me a bronze eye and a peachy coral lip any day) but this year I've found myself more drawn to it. In fact, I'm so into it that I've already compiled a list of berry lipsticks as long as my arm that I'm planning on adding to my stash (first up is Charlotte Tilbury Glastonberry - too gorg!).

But at the moment I'm working with what I've got, and probably one of the nicest berry lip shades I have is the much loved Rimmel Lasting Finish Kate Lipstick in 107 £5.49 - a red toned berry that's not too dark but still has a vampy edge to it. I paired this with a simple and understated gold eye using the NARS Isolde Duo £25.00 and a smidgen of chocolate liner (the Rimmel Scandaleyes Shadow Stick in Dark Chocolate Matte £4.49) applied to the top lash line only with an angled brush. I finished with a couple of coats of the MUFE Smokey Lash Mascara and the Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal in Nude £3.99 on the bottom waterline.

For the skin I used Sleek CC Cream in Medium £8.99, a buildable formula that's more akin to a medium coverage foundation once applied and finished it off with Rimmel Stay Matte Powder £4.99 and a dusting of bronzer, as well as some of MAC Prep & Prime Highlighter in Light Boost £18.50 under the eyes to brighten everything up.

I think I'm fully converted to autumnal makeup and am dying to try out some more berry toned products. What are your fave products for creating an autumnal makeup look? Any berry toned lipstick recommendations I should check out?

Monday, 20 October 2014

The no frills body moisturiser


Luxury, budget, fragrance-free, fragrance-full, lightweight, rich, butters and lotions - when it comes to body moisturisers the list of options is practically endless. Sometimes it can all get a bit too much and I find myself just wanting something that does the job, no frills attached. Even more so when it rolls round to the colder months and the skin on my limbs starts to look like sandpaper/corn flakes (aka dryer than dry).

The Avene XeraCalm A.D. Lipid-Replenishing Cream (£16.50) definitely sits on the more plain side of things when it comes to body moisturisers but girl, it gets the job DONE. The consistency is somewhere in between a butter and a lotion, and as you rub it goes super white, but after a couple of seconds my skin has drunk it all up. Formulated to be used on atopic-prone (i.e. sensitive) and naturally dry skin, this moisturiser gives skin instant nourishment and leaves it feeling silky soft. It doesn't feel heavy or greasy on the skin either so once it's rubbed in you can barely feel it there at all. There is a very light fragrance to it as well which I've found I much prefer these days to overpoweringly scented body moisturisers.

I know body moisturisers aren't the most exciting thing to talk about, but I've honestly been so impressed with how this has helped my post-holiday, flakey skin that I felt compelled to share. If you're looking for a no-nonsense, simple body moisturiser that still feels quite luxurious - this one's your guy.

Friday, 17 October 2014

Current go-to makeup

I'm usually a creature of habit when it comes to eyeshadows - dark bronzes, maroon and chocolate shades have always been my colours of choice - but recently I've preferred going with a lighter eye that's much softer and easier to wear day or night. This look was used creating my LORAC Pro Palette but there are so many eyeshadows out there that will create a similar effect, it's basically some good quality matte browns paired with a light shimmering champagne.

I start with buffing the shades Taupe, Sable and Espresso from the LORAC Pro Palette through the crease and around the lower lash line before patting the shade Nude all over the lid and through the tear duct. I skip eyeliner and apply lashing of Make Up For Ever Smokey Lash Mascara instead, which is absolutely incredible stuff. It lasts so well, holds a curl till the cows come home but is still easy to remove at night. 

On the face I've been using the old favourite MAC Face and Body Foundation, a product I have fallen in love with all over again. The coverage is buildable yet natural looking and set with powder I can tease out pretty impressive wear time. I'm loving another old favourite in the shape of Clarins Rouge Prodige in Lilac Pink, which is exactly the shade the name would suggest. It looks absolutely bomb with a nude lipliner blended around the edges, I think in this photo I used MAC Nice 'n' Spicy Pro Longwear Lip Pencil and really worked it into the lips so that it was barely noticeable but still made my lips look fuller. 

Lastly - brows. I picked up a new pot of the Anastasia Beverly Hills DipBrow this time in the shade Soft Brown and oh my word it is the most perfect brow shade EVER. My hair's a lot lighter these days and Soft Brown suits it perfectly, neither too warm or ashy, nor is it too light or dark. DipBrow is probably one of my favourite products of all time and I can't imagine ever doing my brows without it - bold statement, I know.

Which products are you reaching for at the moment? 

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

HOW TO: Braided boho ponytail

Tousled and relaxed 'dos like this simple ponytail have always been my absolute favourites - they're super easy to pull off and always look like you've put in lots more effort than you actually have. Here's a little step-by-step of this style I tried out on hols...

1. To start with, you want to give hair that separated, beachy texture and Fudge Sea Salt Spray (£11.25) is honestly the best product for the job. It adds definition but doesn't ever make hair feel greasy, crispy or overloaded with product.

2. Backcomb at the crown of the head and then roughly scrape back into a ponytail, securing with a hairband.

3. Take a strand half an inch thick, plait very tightly and then twist around the base of the ponytail. Pin this in really securely with a bobby pin.

4. Then (my favourite bit) pick another half an inch thick strand and plait very tightly. Once your at the end of the strand, heavily spray the bottom with a strong hold hair spray. This will seal the plait and keep it in without you having to secure it with a hair band. Repeat this three times plaiting random strands.

5. If you want you can lightly tong the rest of your ponytail to add a light wave and more texture.

The next day by the pool I kept the mini plaits in and swung my hair up into a top knot. You could just about see the plaits poking through which I love! The only nightmare about this style is that those plaits can quickly turn in to mini dreadlocks if you're not careful, so a good conditioner like the Charles Worthington Intense Rescue Melting Balm (£16.99) is an absolute must.

I know this ponytail is a tad summery for October, but an embellished or berry hued hair accessory is all you'd need to bring it in line with autumn. What's your favourite/go-to hair style at the moment?

Monday, 13 October 2014

Where have I been?!

I can't believe I've left it this long since I last blogged (6 weeks and 3 days to be exact) but sometimes life really does catch up on you and there just aren't enough hours in the day! In fact, I haven't even been able to find the time to read my favourite blogs, and that is saying something. Blogging alongside a full time job honestly takes serious dedication, organisation and preparation so major props to all the guys and girls out there who are making it look easy on that front. Me, on the other hand (*hands over eyes emoji*)... Not so easy!

But I've missed the world of blogging a ridiculous amount, so I thought I'd try and get back in the swing of things by posting a few photos from our recent hols to Tunisia. Such a beautiful place! Look out for an onslaught of comments while I catch up on all of your posts ;).


Thursday, 28 August 2014

Fashionology purchases


fashionology-stud-earrings-haul I wanted to pick up some good quality, sterling silver staples and the first place that came to mind was Fashionology. I love every single thing that's sold on that site but managed to hone in on three very simple pieces that I could wear every day - a pair of dainty crystal studs and two above knuckle/midi rings. Unbelievably I have already lost both of the midi rings. Absolutely devastated. They were just a little too big for my fingers and fell off without me even noticing. They were lovely though... RIP. The earrings I've managed to keep a hold of, but I'm a little disappointed with how the crystals in the studs have lost their sparkle already. I bought them with the intentions of just never having to take them out as they're sterling silver, but I think wearing them in the shower was probably a bad move. Woops.

So a little bit of a fail here guys. Perhaps I should  stick to Topshop Freedom jewellery from now on after my terrible track record with the slightly more expensive kind.  I've actually ordered some super cheap earrings from eBay, so we'll see how those compare to these Fashionology studs. After years of being a gold girl I'm starting to totally prefer silver again, so let me know if you have any other favourites for sterling silver jewellery.

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Glammin' my sister


One of my favourite things in the entire world is giving people makeovers. So before my sister and I went out earlier this week, I quickly offered to do her makeup for her. It's safe to say I got a little bit carried away, and what started off as a subtle look turned into a full on glam.

Tara had recently picked up MAC Frost Eyeshadow in Sable (£12.00) so I added that into the mix and couldn't get over how beautiful it looked on! The Frost finish is actually really subtle and chic, not at all glittery and sparkly like I assumed it would be. I never go for this kind of look on myself (gold smokey eye 4 lyf) but I think I definitely will try something similar next time I go out. I've looked in my stash and Toasted from the Urban Decay Naked Palette (£38.00) looks very similar to Sable if you're after something that creates the same look. Here is the full list of products I used:

L'Oreal True Match Foundation in W4 (£9.99)
MUFE 5 Camouflage Concealer Palette #2 ($38.00)
Bobbi Brown Powder in Yellow (£24.50)
MAC Paintpot in Groundwork (£15.50)
Becca Loose Powder
Estee Lauder Medium Matte Bronzer  (£30.00)
Hourglass Blusher in Radiant Magenta (£28.00)
Kevyn Aucoin Celestial Powder in Candlelight (£35.00)

Lorac Eye Shadow Primer
LORAC Pro Palette  (£49.99) Taupe and Sable in crease, Deep Purple on the outer-v (repeated on the lower lash line, Nude on the centre of the lid
MAC Frost Eyeshadow in Sable  (£12.00) on the inner third of the lid and tear duct
Topshop Black Eye Kohl (£6.00)
Illamasqua Gel Eyeliner in Infinity (£18.00)

Anastasia DipBrow Pomade in Chocolate (£15.00)
Rimmel Brow This Way in Medium Blonde (£3.99)

MAC Prolongwear Lipliner in Nice 'n' Spicy (£15.00)
KIKO Ultra Glossy Lip Stylo in 802 Nude (£4.19)

P.S. My sister asks you all to ignore her rather unruly eyebrows as she's in the process of growing them out (after months of me trying to persuade her to leave her naturally amazing brows alone!) She's debating HD brows, has anyone tried it?

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

My Sunday night pamper

I've found that working a five day week has really put some routine back into my previously student-esque lifestyle - particularly when it comes to my beauty routine. Come Sunday night, out come all of the more time consuming pampering products, and I shut myself in the bathroom for at least 90 minutes. Minimum. Here's my little routine that I've got going on at the moment.

sunday-night-pamper-routine-2 1. THE MASKS
Starting with the locks, I apply the Charles Worthington Melting Rescue Balm (£16.99) on to dry hair concentrating only on the mid-lengths to ends. This is a solid oil that quickly breaks down into more of a liquid when rubbed between the palms, making for a seriously luxurious treatment, but you really don't want to apply it anywhere near the roots.

Then after thoroughly cleansing my face, I apply the Super Facialist by Una Brennan Pore Purifying Clay Mask (£8.99). This is the perfect budget face mask for anybody with combo or oily skin; it de-slicks and purifies without leaving skin feeling stripped or overly tight.

After 10 minutes I remove the face mask but I normally rinse the hair mask out after my bath.

sunday-night-pamper-routine-3 2. IN THE BATH
To help me get rid of left over fake tan, I always pop a few drops of oil into my bath. Oil and fake tan do not mix, so this little trick really helps to lift it away from the skin and prevents you from having to scrub away at your skin too much. I haven't really got a preference for this, but I am definitely on the look out for a dedicated bath oil. I am thinking the one from Elemis? If you guys have any recommendations I'd love to know :).

Then to really get rid of my fake tan I use a couple of scoops of the Laura Mercier Fresh Fig Scrub (£37.50 full size). A little bit of this scrub goes a long way, and whilst it is a little bit scratchy it never feels harsh on the skin. It also smells incredible. I pair this with an exfoliating glove or a kese as they call them in Turkey - this combo means old flakey fake tan doesn't stand a chance.

sunday-night-pamper-routine-4 3. PRE-BEDTIME
The fake tan goes on as usual, at the moment I'm using St Tropez Dark Mousse £33.00 and loving it, it transforms into one of the nicest faux tans I've tried on my skin and I would definitely recommend it for any medium/olive skinned girls out there who want a truly deep tan.

On my skin I apply my usual eye cream, Avene Soothing eye Contour Cream (£9.50), followed by Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil (£32.00). I never apply the Dark Mousse to my face because it will 100% break me out, but I do take 3-4 drops of Clarins Radiance Plus Golden Glow Booster (£18.00) and mix it with my A-Derma Hydralba Light Hydrating Cream (£10.87) so that my face isn't so much of a stark, pale contrast to the rest of my body. And we're done!

Do you have a weekend routine of pampering and preening? Which products are your favourite to use?

Monday, 25 August 2014

Currently obsessing over.. Collection Lasting Gel Nail Colour in Daredevil

After a summer of brights and pastels, I've been hankering for something a little deeper and darker on the nails. I know summer isn't technically over yet, but Collection's Lasting Gel Nail Colour in Daredevil (£3.19) is one of those timeless shades that looks great whatever the season. It's slightly more chocolatey toned than any other rouge noir shades I've tried and I absolutely love it. I can see myself wearing this a lot; definitely a nail-drobe staple for me.

Also, the formula of these Gel Nail Colours is incredible. The polish is runny but not too runny, opaque in two coats and seriously chip resistant. It's also just as glossy without a top coat as it is with one, which I love as it makes them perfect for when doing your nails is a total last minute thing. Almost Nude - a light beigey nude - is next on my list to try from this range.

Have you ever tried these Gel Nail Colours from Collection? Which shade is your fave?

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Topshop Denim Shift Dress OOTD


Big apology for the crappy photo today but I've been so busy at work lately that my evenings mainly pan out like this:

1. Come home and collapse on sofa.
2. Eat whatever food is within arms reach.
3. Fall asleep on the sofa with food still in hand.

I thought today I'd quickly share this Topshop Denim Shift Dress that I picked up in the sale for an amazing £15.00. It's a nice stiff denim so it keeps its a-line/shift shape really well, and I love the pockets on the front that keep it very relaxed and casual, even though it is quite short. If you undo the zip through the middle you can even wear it as a waistcoat/gilet type thing - gotta love a multi-tasker. I paired it with some suuuuper old raffia flatforms from River Island and a faux leather bag from ZARA. Also loving this with sliders and even my new Nikes.

While this exact dress has sold out, Topshop currently have a similar floral printed style here that I would totally buy if I didn't already have this one. Yes I know, I'm actually exercising some self control for once - who'd have thought it? What's been your favourite find in the summer sales?

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

The best £2.99 I've ever spent... Rimmel Brow This Way Review

rimmel-brow-this-way-medium-blonde rimmel-brow-this-way-medium-blonde-2 rimmel-brow-this-way-medium-blonde-3

Here's a product that I was very excited to try. Rimmel Brow This Way (£3.99) - currently £2.99 at Boots - is the latest brow gel to find it's way into our drugstores, coming in four shades; Clear, Blonde, Medium Blonde and Dark Brown. It's supposed to define and perfect brows with a lightweight formula that lasts all day.

So let me just start off by saying, this will probably be one of the best £2.99s you'll ever spend. Brow This Way tints brows with a decent amount of colour, sets the hairs in place whilst also adding a bit of thickness and texture to my otherwise very plain-Jane brows. Also, I've found the shade Medium Blonde to work a treat at lightening up my brows after all of my usual brow products have become a smidge too dark for me (hashtag dyed hair probs).

The only thing I wont agree with is the 'lasts all day' claim. Brow This Way is definitely not as prominent by the end of the day as it is straight after application, but because it's so small you can just take it with you in your handbag to touch up. But then again who really has time to touch up their eyebrows during a working day? It's not the biggest disappointment, but after being a devoted user of the Anastasia Beverly Hills Tinted Brow Gel, which lasts all day and then some, it's a bit of a step down.

If you love brows and you're on a budget, Rimmel Brow This Way is definitely the way (geddit) to go. It works especially well when you're doing a super defined brow but it's also great to add a hint of shape when you're having a more low maintenance day (or if you're naturally blessed with some Cara brows). I'm wearing Medium Blonde, a slightly warm mid brown, in my last post here.

Which brow gel do you use? Will you be giving Brow This Way a try?

Monday, 18 August 2014

FOTN - LORAC Pro Palette Look #2

60s-fotn-lorac-pro-palette 60s-fotn-lorac-pro-palette-2 lorac-pro-palette-review

I wasn't lying when I said the LORAC Pro Palette (£49.99) is probably one of my favourite purchases ever. I've already posted about it twice and I've brought it out to play on every occasion that even remotely called for a smokey eye. After cobbling together my usual gold smokey eyes (check out my last blog post here) I wanted to try something a little more grey/silvery, and this is the look I ended up with!

Bourjois Happy Light Foundation in 53 (£11.99)
MAC Prep & Prime Highlighter in Lightboost (£18.50)
CHANEL Les Beiges Powder in No.30 (£38.00)
Estee Lauder Matte Bronzer in Medium (£26.00)
MAC Satin Blusher in Supercontinental (£17.50)

LORAC Pro Palette (£49.99)shades Taupe, Sable and Espresso in the crease and along lower lash line, Pewter on the lid, Cream on the brow bone and Nude on the inner corner
Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner (£12.00)
Collection Lengthening Mascara (£3.99)

Anastasia Beverly Hills DipBrow Pomade in Chocolate (£15.00)
Rimmel Brow This Way in Medium Blonde (£3.99)

Collection Cream Puff in Angel Delight (£2.99)

I felt like the finished look was quite 60's, if I had some nude eyeliner with me at the time (I was staying at the boyf's) I would have definitely added that into the waterline. By the way guys sorry for posting a FOTN post twice in a row (and also wearing the same outfit in both - that Topshop denim dress was money well spent), but it's been a busy weekend and these were the only photos I managed to take. I've got lots of posts written up though so hopefully I'll be able to snap some photos when I get home from work tonight!

What kind of smokey eye is your favourite, golden goddess-like or taupey silvers?

Friday, 15 August 2014

FOTN - gold smokey eye and brown nude lip (shock!)

I couldn't wait to do my makeup last weekend because it meant I got to try out all of the new beauty bits that I'd picked up recently (haul here!). The star of the show was definitely the LORAC Pro Palette. I'm not going to lie I had a smug smirk on my face the entire time I was using it. Guys you need this palette! I also went for a 90's nude lip with MAC Satin Lipstick in Spirit, although I think next time it would look better with a fierce cat wing liner look. Here are the rest of the products I used...

Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer in SX10 (£38.00)
MAC Prep & Prime Highlighter in Light Boost (£18.50)
CHANEL Les Beiges Healthy Glow Powder in No.30 (£38.00)
Estee Lauder Matte Bronzer in Medium (£26.00)
Bourjois Pot de Rouge in Rose D'Jaspe (£6.99)

LORAC Pro Palette (£49.99) Taupe, Mauve, Espresso, Gold and It Bronze
Eyeko Skinny Liquid Liner (£12.00)
Collection Lengthening Mascara (£3.99)
MAC Eye Kohl in Teddy (£14.00)

MAC Satin Lipstick in Spirit (£15.50)

Now I'm really trying to branch out with my makeup so I promise next time I will have a makeup look for you guys that doesn't look the same as all my others. I'm just a total gold-smokey-eye-girl at heart. With the LORAC Pro Palette, I'm going to try a more silvery/grey smokey eye next time - we'll see how that goes!

What kind of look would you create with the LORAC Pro Palette? Or what would you pair with a 90s nude lip shade?

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

French skincare for oily/blemish prone skin


So, to give you a bit of background knowledge - my skin is oily/combo and very prone to the odd zit. Lately I've found that my breakouts are few and far between, but I still get a little oily throughout the day and have a lot of acne scars to deal with. So that's where these two products, from the French skincare gods Avene and A-Derma, come in.

Let's start with the Avene TriAcneal (£23.00), a combination of 3 active ingredients (efectiose, retinol and glycolic acid) that's designed to fade the look of imperfections, smooth the skin and and provide continuous moisture. I've not been using this very long but already I feel like my skin looks clearer and more even in skin tone, with some of the lighter pigmentation on my cheeks noticeably fading. I have a few acne scars on my chin that are pretty severe so it will be exciting to see how this works on those.

The second product is the A-Derma Hydralba Light Hydrating Cream (£13.50). This lightly scented moisturiser has a very thin consistency, meaning it absorbs instantly into the skin - perfect for us oily/combo skin types. A chickpea sized blob leaves my skin feels hydrated but with a matte-ish finish to it. I've also noticed that my makeup lasts a helluva lot longer when using this as my morning moisturiser. A total must have for oily/combo skins, trust me once you've given this a go you'll be hard pushed to try something else!

Have you tried either of these products? Are you a fan of French skincare brands?

Neon coral nails | Sephora Formula X Nail Polish in Power Source


I'd fallen a little out of love with bright nail polishes - white, cream and nudes were quickly becoming all I wore on my nails - until Marco came back from Barcelona with the Sephora X Nail Polish in Power Source. It's an almost fluorescent coral with a strong pinky/watermelon undertone. I absolutely love it and have it on my fingers and toes right now.

As well as the on point shade, Sephora's formula also gets a major thumbs up from me. This shade is lovely and opaque in 2 coats, with a runny but not too runny formula that means it spreads over the nails super easily. But what about the lasting power I hear you say?? I managed to eke out 3/4 days before I had tip wear and then after that the chips started to worm their way in. Not bad at all, but definitely dupable at a cheaper price point. For example the Maybelline Forever Strong polishes are very similar, the shade Hot Salsa is a total dupe for Power Source.

Having said that, I'd still definitely pick up more shades from the range, the pastels in particular look so beautiful. Which shades would you recommend from the Formula X line?

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

The perf '90s nude lip with MAC Satin Lipstick in Spirit

mac-spirit-lipstick-review-2 mac-spirit-lipstick-review

While the baby butterfly clips and peddlepushers are two 90s trends that should probably stay firmly in the 90s, I am welcoming the dark, brown/plum/nude lipsticks with open arms. They make your lips look fuller, your complexion healthier and teeth whiter - what's not to love here? One that I've picked up recently is MAC Satin Lipstick in Spirit (£15.50). Yes, MAC's prices have gone up yet again - seriously what is up with that - but this shade is worth it in my books.

The Satin formula, a new one for me and my MAC lipstick collection, is incredibly beautiful. It sits so nicely on the lips, doesn't settle in to flakes or look dry and feels very comfortable to wear. It's almost matte so has pretty steadfast lasting power, but you will need to reapply after eating/drinking. Spirit is such a beautiful shade; a dark brown that has a slight rosey-ness to it - making it infinitely wearable for so many skin tones. The pigmentation is absolutely spot on too, and if you fancy a less full on 90s vibe you could just dab this onto the lips for a more sheer wash of colour. 

My only niggle is that I have found this lipstick to be pretty drying. After a whole day's worth of wear you'll need a good slick of lip balm to sort things out - I'm going to try and apply lip balm regularly throughout the day on top of this shade to try and keep my lips in good condition. Also a slightly less justified concern is the lipstick's vanilla scent, which only makes me want to eat LOTS of cake every time I apply it. Seriously. But lack of willpower aside, this shade is fast becoming my everyday go to, and I'd definitely recommend you give it a swatch next time your in the MAC store. Oh, and if this MAC shade is a little out of budget for some of you, I have a pretty good dupe coming up soon! 

What's your favourite 90s trend? Are you a fan of this lipstick shade? 

Monday, 11 August 2014

Review: Playing around with the LORAC Pro Palette


I'm just gonna throw this out there, the LORAC Pro Palette is probably my favourite eyeshadow palette ever.  The shadows inside are a neutral lover's dream, offering 8 mattes and 8 subtle metallics that work in perfect harmony to create countless makeup looks. Typically I went for a shimmery gold smokey eye, but purple, grey and champagne hued eyes are also on the table with this palette, so there's definitely something for everyone.

I definitely think the Pro Palette's stand out quality is the texture of the shadows; buttery smooth and a breeze to blend. The pigmentation of all shades is also incredible, particularly the mattes, completely putting to rest any preconceptions I had about the majority of matte shadows being chalky. Then we have the metallic row, where the shadows don't have any intense glittery finish but more of a light shimmery glow. However, you can always amp up the metallic shades by spritzing your brush with water after you've dipped into the pan. Some of my favourite shades from the pan are below; Taupe, Mauve, Espresso, GarnetGold, It Bronze and Pewter.


eye-shadow-primer-lorac eye-shadow-primer-lorac-2 The primer that comes with the palette is also pretty good, firmly keeping my eyeshadow on all night. It's a light and liquidy formula that is completely sheer on the lid.  I do still prefer the Urban Decay Primer Potion because I like that it adds coverage to the eye area, cancelling out my veins, but I will definitely be using the mini Behind The Scenes Eye Primer every now and then, especially if I'm going for a more natural eye look.


For the look above I used Taupe, Mauve and Espresso in the crease, with Gold on the lid and It Bronze on the inner third of the eye. It Bronze is the perfect shade to open up the inner eye with, not too shimmery but still light and brightening.

The only negative is that I've found when using a fluffy brush with any of the shadows I get a whole lotta fall out in the pan. The best thing to do is tap off your brush before applying on to the eye, and also giving the palette a quick blow to get rid of the excess powder. But this really is me just clutching at straws here guys. Other than that I can't fault the Pro Palette at all, and if you're after a slim and compact palette that contains all of your eyeshadow needs - this is your guy.

I purchased my Pro Palette from Roses Beauty Store - they have pretty much every stateside Sephora brand you can think of. If you visit the site and don't buy anything, I take my hat off to you, girl.

Which eyeshadow palette is your favourite? Do you like neutrals, mattes or brights?

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Tonal makeup FOTD

Recently I've found myself gravitating towards the browny nudes in my makeup stash and using them pretty much everywhere. Eyes, cheeks and lips all get the warm taupe treatment, resulting in a tonal look that avoids any obvious use of colour. It's quite natural and understated but still enhances the features. Here are the products I used:

Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer in SX10 (£38.00)
MAC Prep & Primer Highlighter in Light Boost (£18.50)
Laura Mercier Bronzer in Sand Dune (d/c)
NARS Blush in Gina (£21.50)

Lorac Pro Palette (£49.99), Taupe all over the lid and Sable on the outer v and lower lash line
No.7 Lash Impact Mascara* (£13.50)
MAC Eyeliner in Teddy (£14.00)

COLLECTION Cream Puff Lip Cream in Angel Delight £2.99

It's that last product that I'm currently most obsessed with. The COLLECTION Cream Puff Lip Cream in Angel Delight is the perfect browny nude shade and gives the most gorgeous matte finish to the lips. I have found it to be a teeeeeny tiny bit drying but nothing a little lip balm can't save. Shade range is slightly limited but I will definitely go back to see if there's anything else that catches my eye.

What do you think of the tonal makeup look? I'm not going to lie, it's quite hard to pull of and I do feel slightly vampire-like, not having any colour in my cheeks and all. But I'm kinda digging it! I like the 90s vibe of it. Is this look something you wear often or will you be giving it a try?

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Pay day beauty buys

When my first paycheck came through from my new job, it was pretty hard to resist not splurging on a few beauty treats. Especially when I found a UK based website that stocks basically EVERYTHING that you can get your hands on in stateside Sephora  - including Josie Maran, Kat Von D and (you guessed it) Lorac.  The online shop is rosesbeautystore - beware though it's dangerous viewing, especially if you're trying to save! Inevitably, the Pro Palette (£49.99) hit my basket quicker than you can imagine. It's significantly higher priced than it would be to buy in America, but hey ho it's cheaper than a plane ticket.

When the palette arrived  (quickly, within 3 working days) I stared at it lovingly for a very long time and vowed to take really good care of it. Then I boasted about it to anybody who would listen, chewed my boyfriend's ear off about how good quality the shadows were and then guess what? I only went and accidentally dug my little finger in the shade Champagne scraping out a pretty hefty chunk - I could have cried. That'll teach me! So yeah although my palette doesn't exactly look perfect anymore, from what I've tried the shadows themselves are beyond perfection! So creamy and buttery. I still haven't swatched all of the shades in this palette but I can't wait to have a good play and start creating some different looks!

Then I picked up MAC Prep & Prime Highlighter in Lightboost (£18.50) after wanting it for SO long, as well as MAC Satin Lipstick in Spirit (£15.50) in the hope that it would be the perfect 90s nude. This was while Debenhams had their £5 off lipsticks promo, which should definitely happen more often!

What beauty bits have you picked up recently?

Monday, 4 August 2014

Bright and glossy summer lips

I'm usually a neutral and satin kinda girl when it comes to the lips, so the fact that I actually quite like these COLLECTION Colour Pro Intense Lip Lacquers (£4.19) comes as quite a surprise for me. The formula is billed as long lasting and highly pigmented with a super high shine finish - all for a price tag of under five quid. While there are just four shades in the lineup, all bases are covered with a nude (Prom Queen), baby pink (It Girl), hot pink (Rebel) and coral (Show Off). It's the latter two that I have to show and tell today.

First thing I noticed was that the doe foot applicator is longer than average, flat and really quite narrow, making it an absolute breeze to apply the product in a neat and precise manner. Also, these Lip Lacquers are totally unscented, which gets massive brownie points from me. I also love that whilst these shades are very pigmented, they have an almost transparent/watery quality to them? It's hard to explain, maybe you can see what I mean in the photo below, they definitely have more of a gelly look to them than a creamy, buttery gloss.

Now, if you can't deal with sticky lip glosses, let me warn you now that these Lip Lacquers are probably ones that you should steer clear of! They're about as sticky as they get! But there still pretty comfortable to wear and I haven't found them to go gloopy or stringy (if anyone knows what I mean!?) on the lips at all. The gloss wears down after a couple of hours and you're left with an even fade with a pretty stain. 

Out of the two, Show Off is my favourite - the shade I'm wearing above. It's one of those lip colours that manages to somehow lift the complexion and add life to the face! My go-to way to wear a bright glossy lip in the summer is with minimal makeup; just a bit of glowy base, some cream highlighter and curled lashes.  Otherwise I feel like there's too much going on - for me anyway! If you prefer something even more low key, you can also just dab these lightly on the lips for more of a sheer and balmy look.

What do you think of these Lip Lacquers? Will you be giving them a whirl?