Sunday, 23 February 2014

New wardrobe staples

Over the last few weeks I've been doing some investing. Obviously not the banking/finance kind but the fashion kind. The reason why? Because when the occasion calls for a nicely put together, smart-cash outfit, my getting ready process currently goes a little something like this:

1. Try on the outfit I had planned in my head. 
2. It looks nothing like the image I had in my head. I then proceed to try on every single item currently in my wardrobe. I may perhaps even venture into my mother's wardrobe.
3. Obviously nothing gets hung back up: floor now resembles Primark on a Saturday afternoon. 
4. At this point I look around and feel slightly overwhelmed.
5. I can feel the 'nothing looks good on me' or 'I have no clothes' rant coming on.
6. Sometimes instead of the rant I have a little cry. Yes, I have been known to actually cry. 
7. I gradually pull myself together, with the help of some wine. 
8. I go with the first outfit I tried on. Typical. 

So you can see my 'need' for some fashion staples, the kind of investment pieces that you can fall back on time and time again and know that they will always look good. The kind of pieces that will go with almost everything, the kind you can just throw on and go. So baring this in mind, I headed to ZARA.

I spotted these ZARA White Vamp Court Shoe £19.99 (sale) and even though I've never been a fan of patent white anything before, I absolutely love these. The low heel keeps them classy, makes them perfect for those smart-casual occasions as well as super easy to walk in. They're also very similar to this Celine pair. I think it's fair to say that white stilettos made a bit of a comeback last year and it's definitely one trend that I'm a bit of a fan of.

I then had a catastrophic moment of weakness when I saw this ZARA Crocodile Pattern Leather City Bag with Chain £109.99. Yes, you read that price correctly. I really shouldn't have bought it but the chic, clean shape paired with the grungey chain detailing eventually swayed me. It's a very sturdy and robust bag as well as being surprisingly roomy too. It's the ideal day to night bag and I have no regrets. 

My last staple piece is a pair of jeans, the ASOS Ridley Jean with Raw Hem £32.00. They're a gorgeous bright blue shade and although they started off super skinny, they've now slightly stretched to a more flattering fit. I love how they have something a bit different to them with the raw hem, and they make a great pairing with almost every outfit and, again, are perfect for those smart-casual occasions. I thought these were a little expensive for what they are but I have worn them sooo much since I got them that I think my cost per wear must be in the -'s. 

I ended up wearing all these bits together when Marco and I went out for our Valentine's date. Much to his delight I was ready in just under an hour which is pretty good going for me! And I think I have these go-with-anything staples to thank for avoiding the usual getting dressed mare. What are your fashion staples?

ZARA Lilac Jumper £12.99 (sale)
Topshop Camel Car Coat (super old)
ASOS Ridley Jean with Raw Hem £32.00
ZARA Crocodile Pattern Leather City Bag with Chain £109.99
ZARA White Vamp Court Shoe £19.99 (sale)


  1. That bag is stunning, it looks like it was worth every penny! xx

  2. Glad you said that! I've been feeling pretttty guilty about it haha. It's lovely though, every girl needs a staple black bag like that. xx

  3. You look amazing, love the look of the Zara bag too! I was so tempted by one of their bags last year that was £160 but I can't justify that in Zara when a little extra could buy Michael Kors xx

  4. I am having the exact same thought, I could have paid a little extra and got something a bit more special... But to be fair the quality of the bag is really good! Definitely feels sturdy and like it will last a good few years. (You can probably tell I'm still trying to justify the price to myself...... haha) xx

  5. On The Dressing Table5 March 2014 at 09:23

    That bag!! *swoons* i wouldn't have been able to resist it either :) xx

  6. I adore the shoes, amazing! The bag is gorgeous, not sure I'd have been able to spend that much on it though for a high street bag :P


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