Saturday, 1 March 2014

The Search for the Perfect Fake Tan: Rodial Brazillian Tan in Dark (before and after photos)

For the first review in The Search for the Perfect Fake Tan I couldn't help but go with the Rodial Brazilian Tan in Dark £39.00. I've seen it raved about by celebrities in magazines and the fash-pack swear by it over on Twitter, so I was definitely very excited to give it a try for myself. The tinted formula of the Brazilian Tan claims to achieve a 'warm, caramel tan that dries quickly without blocking pores.' So let's see how it fairs when it's put to the test.

I've decided to get as scientific as I probably ever will in my lifetime and make this a proper experiment. So to make things as fair as possible each tan will be judged on:
  • Colour - we're looking for as natural a shade as possible with a red undertone as opposed to the more fake looking tans that have a yellow/orange *ahem* undertone.
  • Application - quick and easy is the motto here, whilst this area also looks at how sticky or uncomfortable the tan is to wear while it's developing
  • Scent - we can't deny that if you're going to fake tan, you're going to have to put up with the biscuit-y stench. So this area is looking for as minimal a scent as possible, as well as the scent of the tan during application
  • Longevity - does the tan make it past the 1 week mark? Does it start to flake or fade evenly?
  • Price/Value - not only the price but the amount of uses you will get with one bottle
  • Removal - when the time comes to scrub off the tan, does it put up a fight or go quietly. Preferably I like my tans to go very quickly so I'm not spending ages in the bath with my exfoliator!
For each of the six areas, there's a maximum points of 3 available, meaning the best possible score for each tan  will be 18. Some other control points that I'll be using are:
  • Each tan will be applied on exfoliated skin, after moisturising the dry areas such as knees, elbows, feet, hands and underarms. 
  • Each tan will be applied overnight and left on for a minimum of 8 hours
  • Each tan be maintained with daily application of moisturiser
  • Each tan will be worn for at least 7 days

Phew! So now we've got all that out the way, on to the review. 

Application: 2/3

The Brazilian Tan is a gel formula, meaning it feels very lightweight and spreads super easily. I also found it easy to blend as the formula didn't dry super fast, meaning I had time to smooth it all on nice and evenly. 

There was a down side to the slow dry time though, and I had to spend a good five minutes walking around like a zombie before I felt okay to get dressed. Then when I was dressed there was definitely that 'icky' fake tan feeling which is the one thing I hate the most about fake tans. 

Also, the guide colour of the gel, a golden caramel tone, is actually very sheer - especially when compared to other tans from XenTan or St Tropez, so it wasn't particularly easy to see where you'd applied the product. Luckily, after 10 minutes the guide colour began to develop and darken. The tan started to go a very reddish toned brown as you can see below. 

Scent: 1/3

The Brazilian Tan is scented with quite a strong but pleasant whiff of 'caramel' which overnight transforms into the unmistakeable biscuit pong. The biscuit smell was still noticeable even after I''d had a shower and moisturised. 

Colour: 2/3

The golden caramel tone of the gel initially looked very promising indeed as that's the exact shade of tan I'm always after. However, when I washed the tan off in the morning, that's exactly what happened - the tan washed off. With the little colour I had left, I just couldn't decide whether I liked the shade or not. In artificial light the tan looked well, artificial and yellowy, but in natural lights the tan looked more golden and pretty. 

Unfortunately, I also found the colour really clung to dry patches even though I meticulously moisturised beforehand. You should have seen my hands they were horrific and normally I can do my hands quite well!  Needless to say Marco had a whole repertoire of fake tan jokes going which he found hilarious. I did not. 

Longevity: 3/3

Now here's where the Brazillian Tan wins its brownie points. The boasted wear time of 10 days is highly unlikely (for me anyway!) but I got to the six day mark before the tan started to look a bit worse for wear. However, even when it started to fade it didn't flake off or go patchy at all. 

That's good enough for me because my fake tan routine is a weekly thing anyway. But if you're buying the Brazilian Tan with the 10 day wear time as a major pull, you'll be disappointed. In my experience, no tan lasts that long unless you apply another layer mid-week. 

Price/Value: 0/3

£39 for 150ml - there's no other word for it but crazy! From a tube this size you're likely to get three, maybe four, full body applications which for the price is again - crazy! A lot of other tans do come in this smaller size, for example XenTan Morrocan Tan is 136ml but it's priced significantly lower at £20.

If this tan had the natural golden colour and long lasting formula that the bottle promises, maybe it would be worth £39, or become one of those products that you treat yourself to for special occasions. I actually paid £12.99 for my bottle at - for that price it's worth a try but I couldn't ever recommend it at full price. 

Removal: 2/3

The downside to the great staying power is that it's a bit of a nightmare to remove. You will need to have a good soak in the bath, with maybe a drop of olive oil in your water to repel the tan, as well as some exfoliating gloves and maybe a body brush too. 

However it's not as terrible as some tans I've tried, and by the six day mark the tan is just about ready to go anyway which helps things along nicely. 

Overall Score: 10/18 or 55.5% 

So basically the Rodial Brazillian Tan comes in at pretty much middle of the road. It's not something that I would be quick to mention if a friend asked me for a fake tan recommendation, but it's still not something I would totally slate and urge people to stear clear of. If you see it on offer at a price similar to what I paid and you're intrigued, definitely give it a try. It's not a bad tan, just not all it's cracked up to be and definitely not worth the £39 RRP. Have you ever tried this tan? What did you think?

Psssst! Next weeks review in The Search for The Perfect Fake Tan will be the Fake Bake Flawless Self Tan so pop back next weekend to see how that tan fares! 


  1. Really great review Sandy! So detailed ;) I think it is a craaazzy price and I wouldn't ever spend that much on a fake tan, especially as it's only so-so. I'm currently using Xen Tan and love it although I'm still quite the newbie and end up patchy here and there haha. xx

    Kat from Blushing Rose Beauty

  2. Hmm, I'm not sure the perfect fake tan exists - at least, not when I'm applying it! I gave up years ago, haha. This one has given you a nice colour though - looks very natural.
    Hope you're well!
    Mel xx

  3. Thanks! Do you think the post is a bit too long? I like XenTan, Morrocan Tan is a great one. xx

  4. Haha I know the feeling. Sometimes I think this probably would have turned out much better if I hadn't applied it at like 1am when I'm already half asleep. I am on a mission to find it though! xx

  5. Hey!!You really should try the Vita Liberata Phenomenal 3 weeks tan!! its on a pricey side but absolutely amazing!!
    Absolutely not sticky, the smell is not as strong, very natural looking, solo easy to apply and fades really nicely

  6. Hi! I've heard good things about that tan! Is it a lotion? I will have to try it out soon xx


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